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New Spring/Summer 2013 Layouts - Jeanette's Blog

Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Spring Summer Artwork

Posted by Jeanette Lynton:
At the beginning of a new Idea Book, I love to share some artwork to show off each of the newest My Reflections kits. These beautiful layouts will give you a taste of each of the kits in the Spring Summer 2013 Idea Book, as well as their complementary accessories. The artwork below shows you just what you can do using the Complements, whether it is a My Stickease assortment like those designed to accompany Later Sk8r, Buzz and Bumble, and For Always, or the Canvas Shapes that you can get with Claire and Tommy, or else the colorful chipboard shapes designed to accompany Chantilly. Each of the complements collections gives great titling options, icon elements, great borders, and a foolproof way to embellish your artwork your way. Have a look at the ideas below to help get your creative wheels turning.
Delicious springtime colors and plenty of floral textures and patterns.

Buzz and Bumble
Rich neutrals, splashes of Sunset and Crème Brulee, honeycomb patterns, and, yep, bees!

Lots of spunky fun to be had here, with versatile patterns and playful color combinations.

For Always
Classic black and white elegance, elaborate laces and damasks to commemorate the most cherished occasions and memories.

Later Sk8r
Hip, toxic colors with a strong slate neutral help celebrate your favorite little tough guy.

Surf’s Up
Perfect for a day in the sun with rich bold colors and fun retro elements.

Adventurous blues and yellow with strong nautical themes ideal for your life’s adventures.

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