Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tips and Techniques

Have you ever browsed through the Idea Books just for the tips and techniques?  I went back through the last three Idea Books just to learn some new things and there are some great tips and techniques in those books!  Check them out for yourself, you'll be glad you did!  Great for refreshing your memory on all the cool things we can do with CTMH products!

Sanding for Emphasis:  Step 1.  Measure stamp with ruler to determine area to be sanded.  Mark project lightly with pencil.  Step 2.  Sand surface of paper until the color is lighter or patter is less visible.  Clear away any dust.  Step 3.  Stamp on sanded area.    See image, go to page 15

B&T Duos Designs as Embellishments:  Step 1.  Select portions of B&T duos papers to use.  Step 2.  Trim pieces from B&T paper, using micro-tip scissors for finely detailed cutting.  Step 3.  Adhere to project.  see image, go to page 21

Decorating Cork Shapes:  Step 1.  Stamp accent image on cork shape using Exclusive Inks pad of choice.  Step 2.  Sponge edges of shape with contrasting Exclusive Inks color.  Step 3.  Attach to project using adhesive backing or 3-D foam tape.  see image, go to page 57

These are just a few of the great tips and techniques you can find in the 2012 Spring/Summer Idea Book, go ahead and check out the rest of them and give yourself some great ideas!

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